• Image of Abalone Shell

Since ancient times, the Abalone Shell has been valued as a sacred symbol of the sea. Abalone shells are known as the Ears of the Sea, because of their intimate connection with the energy of the ocean. Traditionally, the abalone shell meaning is believed to hold great healing and soothing energy. Its beautiful, multidimensional rainbow colors are said to enhance feelings of peace, beauty, compassion and love. In Native American culture, the abalone meaning is very sacred and is used, along with sage, to carry messages to Heaven. Abalone shells are said to be a gift from the oceans to help call in the element of water to balance the 4 elements during a smudge ritual.

The abalone shell meaning is also believed to help bring guidance and facilitate harmony in relationships. This beautiful shell is said to calm emotions, such as sorrow and fear, helping you to release any negative feelings you are holding within. Abalone is also believed to help with anxiety and stress related issues.

This beautiful abalone shell makes fabulous containers for burning white sage, palo santo sticks or resins. They are 5-6 inches wide.

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