Black Soap Cleanser (face/body/hair)

$16.00 - $32.00

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This Holistic cleanser is 100% effective for cleaning the entire body including the face and hair. For centuries, Ghanaians and Nigerians have used black soap to help relieve many skin issues. It regenerates the skin, releases build-up from the pores that causes pimples and rashes. Many swear by it for skin irritations and conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. African Black Soap contains a high amount of glycerin, which absorbs moisture from the air and literally deposits it into the skin, making the skin soft and supple. It is also used as a shampoo for the hair. African Black Soap has a natural source of vitamins A & E and iron. This helps to strengthen the scalp and hair. The blackness is attributed to the nature and color of the soap derived from the burning and boiling of various components put together to form a homogeneous soap to be used daily.

■100% Natural & Organic
■Relieves Acne & Blemishes
■ Helps skin irritations such as Eczema/Psoriasis
■Great for Washing Skin & Hair
■Rich source of Iron, Vitamins A & E
■Great for lightening dark spots & discoloration

This clarifying cleanser will leave your face/body/hair squeaky clean without the drying after effects and is great for those with sensitive skin. As with most of our products a little goes a long way.

Ingredients:Distilled Water, Raw Organic African Black Soap, Shea Butter, Coconut Ash (activated charcoal), Plant Based Proprietary Oil Blend & LOVE.

• Fragrance Free with Absolutely No Dyes Added
• Raw, Vegan, Organic & Unprocessed
• Unbleached & Contains No additives
• Highest Quality Guaranteed
• Safe For All Skin Types