Hydrating Mist


Our Hydrating Mist is mild toner that’s perfect for any skin type. Often an overlooked step in skincare, toning plays an important role. This step adjusts the pH of the skin, removes any remaining oil or dirt after cleansing and keeps your pores clear and healthy.

Our Hydrating Mist is alcohol free and will not strip away the moisture from your skin but will restore the pH balance, counteract any drying effects from soap or face wash, and leave your skin feeling firm and clean.

Use this botanical blend as part of your organic skin care routine to remove excess dirt, clogged pores and adjust the pH of the skin. Can be used daily and throughout the day to cleanse, hydrate, tone and refresh all skin types.

•Boost in moisture
•High mucilage content which helps the skin to maintain moisture
•Natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) known to help exfoliate skin, speed up cell turnover, and help control acne breakouts
•Improves skin flexibility and elasticity “Natural Botox”

•Softens skin
•High in antioxidants
•Reduces inflammation & eye puffiness

•Tightens and balances skin through astringent pH properties
•Reduces inflammation
•Calms irritated skin
•Reduces pore size
•Treats discoloration & Eye puffiness

•Moisturizes the skin without giving it a greasy feel
•Anti-inflammatory, it is soothing, toning, protecting and moisturizing the skin
•Fights infections with its antibacterial properties including fungus and bacteria.
•Tightens and balances skin through astringent pH properties.
•Moisturizes by carrying added emollients into the skin up to seven layers.
•Have natural anti-inflammatory agents that reduce pain.
•Increases the availability of oxygen to the skin.
•Relieve itching and swelling of irritated skin.
•Improves the skin's ability to hydrate itself
•Aids in the removal of dead skin cells and has an effective penetrating ability that helps transport healthy substances through the skin.

•Helps suppress melanogenesis, the process that leads to skin discolorations
•Skin soother
•Calms irritated skin
•Composed of 90% water (cooling action), amino acids, proteins, lipids, and Vitamin C that serves as an antioxidant that help soothe, calm skin irritation, and relieve puffy skin. Some of the minerals found are magnesium, potassium and silica; silica helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines by tightening of collagen.

•Soothes sensitive and irritated skin
•Calms the itching of eczema and psoriasis
•Reduce dark circles around eyes
•Brighten skin tone
•Softening, refreshing

Ingredients: Purified Water, Aloe Leaf Juice, Witch Hazel, Cucumber Fruit Extract, Chamomile, Hibiscus, Rose Flower Water & Lactobacillus Ferment (natural preservative)

Directions: After cleansing, spray or apply with a cotton round over entire face, neck and décolleté. Air dry for 1-2 minutes. Follow with our Face Serum or Butter Cream.


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