Monoi Beauty Oil (discontinued once sold out)

  • Monoi Beauty Oil (discontinued once sold out)
  • Monoi Beauty Oil (discontinued once sold out)
  • Monoi Beauty Oil (discontinued once sold out)

Light weight non-greasy moisturizer that nourishes the skin and hair.

Scent: Sensual gardenia flowers mixed with coconut. Soft & silky texture. Clean unisex scent.

Monoï is a Tahitian word meaning "sacred scented oil". It is made by the locals of Tahiti and French Polynesian islands. It is created through an ancient method called enfleurage wherein Tahiti’s national flower, Taire (Gardenia Tahitensis), is macerated along with Tahitian coconut oil to pull out its fragrance and essences.

Ingredients: This authentic Monoi oil is a blend of pure Tahitian coconut oil scented with fresh Tiare (Gardenia Tahitensis) flowers.

No emulsifiers or preservatives are added to this precious blend nor is it tested on animals.

Monoi oil is completely safe for anyone to use. Many Tahitian mothers even rub it on their babies every morning and evening. There is no risk for allergies and the oil will not cause a skin reaction.

Other Benefits:

* Natural barrier against dehydration
* Protects, regenerates & improves the quality of the hair fibers
* Long-lasting moisturization
* Natural antiseptic to prevent or soothe mosquito bites
* Makes hair more soft, silky and shiny
* As a hot oil treatment, it helps repair and deep condition the hair to a healthy shine.
* Sun protectant (before or after sun care)
* Massage oil
* Relaxing bath oil

Monoi oil becomes solid at a certain temperature. Below24°/75°F, run hot tap water over the bottle and the oil liquifies again.

Our Monoi oil is much more than a skin and hair preparation. It has also the power to stimulate the senses.

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