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A luxurious blend of herb infused organic & essential oils designed to soothe, repair and strengthen beautiful healthy nails.

This herbal blend is formulated with herbs & oils that promote nail health, strengthens weak & brittle nails, conditions the skin and helps with cracked cuticle that dry/cold weather may cause.

It's is uniquely packaged in an aromatherapy orifice top bottle. This ensures safety of any dust or particles that can cross contaminate and cause infection to the nails.

Directions: Simply apply 1 drop per nail and cuticle daily for at least six weeks to condition and repair. Also can be used on feet as well.

Contains the following:

Olive Oil- nourishes the skin
Jojoba Oil- revive & repairs
Almond Oil- softens skin
Moringa-anti-anflammatory & vitamin enriched
Oatstraw- high in silica & repairs weak nails
Horsetail- strengthens nails
Evening Primrose-helps nails grow faster
Essential oils
*Lemon- natural antiseptic
*Ylang-ylang- restore brittle nails, strengthens the nail plate

Be sure to carry your "Nail Therapy" on your next mani/pedi appointment. **can be used on natural or enhanced nails**


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