Sweet Energy Botanical Aromatic Mist

$25.00 - $50.00

Sweet Energy has a wonderful unique aroma that is light, sweet and grassy, reminiscent of a fresh, spring breeze. The main ingredient in this formula is a sacred plant called “Sweetgrass”, also known as Holy Grass or Sacred Hair of Mother Earth. Native and Indigenous cultures would harvest sweetgrass and braid it where the 3 strands of the braid represent mind, body & soul and also love, kindness & honesty.

It’s a beautifully aromatic herb with a vanilla-like scent and a healing essence and was used by our ancestors in ceremonies as a fumitory offering to open prayer and ritual. Often times we use smudging tools such as White Sage or Palo Santo to clear and remove negative energies. However, traditionally, dried Sweet Grass braids were burned to energetically clear your space and bring in positive energy. Our Sweet Energy Mist is the essence of the grass and can be used in the same manner to smudge your aura or space to attract good spirits and positive energies.

The sweet, long-lasting aroma will have you feeling a sense of calm and peace. Our Sweet Energy Mist invites a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere while invoking the healing properties of the sacred herb.

The process in making this formula perfect and with good intentions took 12 months. I made this batch last year this time for personal reasons, gifted to some friends and we all fell in love with what it brought into our lives and space. This does NOT contain GMO, gluten, artificial colors or preservatives.

Use any time that one wishes to bring about positive energy, purification, harmony, peace, and uplift your spirit. Our mist can be used on the body, during meditation and/or anywhere you need to add some good juju (energy). I personally like to carry it with me everywhere as it’s emotionally uplifting and reminds of the sweetness life has to offer even during difficult times. It has become my personal favorite.

Care Tips: keep in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid opening the cap often to keep oxygen and contaminates out.

Ingredients: Sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata) + Organic Cane Alcohol + Love

1oz / 2oz glass bottle